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Insulated Bottle Heater

Insulated Bottle Heater

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Product Name: Insulated Bottle Heater

Product Description: The Insulated Bottle Heater offers convenient and efficient temperature control for various purposes. It features three adjustable temperature settings indicated by different colored lights:

  • Red light at around 65 degrees Celsius for high-temperature fast heating.
  • Blue light at around 55 degrees Celsius for medium-temperature heating at a moderate pace.
  • Green light at around 45 degrees Celsius for low-temperature, long-term insulation.

Product Category: Milk bottle insulation sleeve

Material: Thickened fabric

Colors: Camouflage - pink, camouflage - blue, camouflage - white, camouflage - black

Design: Cartoon Camo

Specification: Camo insulation cover + data cable

Function: Multi-purpose and convenient with three-speed temperature adjustment.


  1. The insulation sleeve should not be soaked. If cleaning is necessary, wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in water after turning off the power. Ensure the product is completely dry before reconnecting to the power source.
  2. For maximum insulation, it's recommended to start with a liquid temperature around 45°C.
  3. Avoid heating empty containers; make sure there is at least 60ml of liquid or beverage in the container.
  4. This product contains a heating circuit; do not tear it to prevent damage to the internal container from external forces.
  5. Do not use the product continuously for more than 24 hours. If not in use, disconnect the power promptly. Avoid using the product with flammable or explosive materials.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Insulated Bottle Heater
  • 1 x Data cable


  • Please follow safety precautions and guidelines when using this product to ensure safe and effective operation.
  • Ensure the product is completely dry before reconnecting it to the power source after cleaning.

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