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Smart Light Switch

Smart Light Switch

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Product Name: Smart Light Switch

Product Description:

The Smart Light Switch is a modern and versatile solution for controlling your home lighting and other electrical devices. This switch offers multiple control methods, including app control, voice control, and touch control. It can be easily integrated into your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to manage your lighting and create convenient automation scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Supports two wiring methods: Neutral system and No Neutral system (capacitor required for No Neutral system).
  • Three control methods: APP control, voice control (compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant), and switch touch control.
  • Wi-Fi direct connection, no need for a gateway hub.
  • Remote control via the Tuya or Smart Life app.
  • Compatibility with other smart devices for creating automation routines.
  • Timer function for scheduled on/off control.
  • Sensitive touch control with a durable tempered glass touch screen.
  • Easy setup with user-friendly app installation.


  • Certified Standard: 2.4G WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
  • Rated Voltage: 100-250V AC, 50-60Hz.
  • Max Load: 1200W.
  • Max Current: 10A.
  • App Compatibility: Smart Life, TUYA Smart.
  • Size: 120*72*34mm

Package Included:

  • 1 Smart Light Switch.
  • 1 User Manual.
  • 1 Mounting Screw Package.
  • 1 Capacitor.

Is This Product Right for You?

  • If you want to upgrade your home lighting to a smart and convenient solution.
  • Ideal for those who prefer various control options, including app control, voice control, and touch control.
  • Suitable for creating automation scenarios by connecting with other smart devices.
  • Perfect for those who need timer-based control for lights and appliances.
  • Easy to install and set up via the provided user manual.

Additional Information:

The Smart Light Switch brings modern technology and convenience to your home. With a range of control methods and compatibility with other smart devices, it offers a seamless and integrated smart home experience. If you have any specific questions or need more information about this product, please feel free to ask.

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